Residential Child Care Service

Small Group Home

Service Target

Small Group Home serves children and young people from 4 to 18 years old who cannot receive adequate family care. A 24-hour family-like residential care is provided for them. We also provide Emergency/Short-term Small Group Home Service (ESGH) for children with urgent need.

Service Objectives

  • To protect and promote children's health and welfare
  • To take care of children's overall development
  • To enhance children's potential development, sense of responsibility, self-respect and self-care abilities.

Service Capacity

194 (including 2 for Emergency/Short-term Small Group Home Service)

Services Provided

  • Provision of daily care and supervision to the children within a home-like environment
  • Provision of counseling service and welfare plan by registered social worker
  • Provision of self-care training, tutorial service, social skills training, etc.

Service Facilities and Characteristics

Every home provides air-conditioning, computers, playing corner and private area allowing a happy and comfortable living environment for children.
Regular case conferences are organized for all children and their parents to strengthen their relationship.

Admission & discharge of residential child care service

  • All applications are referred to the Home via the Social Welfare Department. For Emergency / Short-term SGH, please contact the Home directly. Children discharged from the service should go through the joint discussion by the Referring Officer, the Home's social worker and the child's parents / guardians.
  • Nevertheless, if a child’s behaviour creates immediate danger to other inmates and / or carers, the Home can discharge the child from the service immediately.


Accommodations and food are free of charge. But, parents/guardians are responsible for the child's personal expenses such as school related expenses.