Sponsor's functions
Feb 2010
BBQ Gathering

Everybody “Cheers”!

The second Sponsor’s Function – “BBQ Gathering” - was successfully held on February 28 in Tai Tong LyChee Valley. About 150 sponsors and their friends, and children of the Home enjoyed the afternoon together.

After warm-up group games, the sponsors and the children were excited to kick off the barbeque. They talked and helped one another in preparing the food and putting honey on the golden chicken wings, meat balls, etc. under a sweet and joyful atmosphere. One of the children was too energetic that he leaped around and almost scalded a sponsor. The kind-hearted sponsor then guided the child patiently to let him understand that it was an inappropriate behavior and he should learn from the mistake. Most of our children come from complicated background, we need extra effort and care to guide them to the right direction and to help them overcome the challenges ahead.

We are very much thankful for the sponsors’ participation and support to us. We hope to meet them again in the coming Sponsor’s Functions.

The sponsor joined the function with his own child.
Let’s BBQ!

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