Sponsor's functions
Jul 2010
Visit to Small Group Home

Thank you for visiting Small Group Home!

This year’s Sponsor’s Function – “Visit to Small Group Home” was completed. Given the good responses, two visits were organized on June 27 and July 11 at our homes at Cheung Hang and Yiu Shing respectively.

Within the limited space of the Small Group Homes, the children prepared various performance and games as a token of thanks to the sponsors. The performance could not be rated as professional, but the sponsors were touched by the hard work of the children and showed great admiration. The children demonstrated their talents by giving performance in Chinese variety show, magic,singing etc.. In addition, the children and the sponsors and made photo frames together.

During the short visit, the sponsors were glad to see that the children could grow up in a safe, healthy and warm environment. They felt no doubt that they had done something meaningful.

Sponsors and our children played games
Sponsors showed their love and care to our children
Sponsor learned Chinese variety show

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