Compliments on Charity Act

The “Love Junior Campaign” is designed with dual aims:
1) Encouraging children to donate at least HK$2 a day, i.e., HK$730 or above each year in support of the needy children in Hong Kong
2) Encouraging children to participate in voluntary works and meaningful activities.

Children who have donated HK$730 or above to the Campaign will be awarded a “Certificate of Participation” in recognition of the participation.

To encourage active participation, children who have participated in “Love Action”, including CNY red packet donation, birthday donation or self-coordinated fund-raising activities, will be awarded a “Certificate of Acknowledgement” (counted on a yearly basis).

The “Love in Action” last year included visiting to the elderly center, Chocolate Charity Sales and Lok-lok and Yiu-yiu Sponsorship Scheme volunteers, and outdoor activity with children from Small Group Homes. To cultivate a kind heart at a young age and foster a positive parent-child relationship, children are cordially invited to join and support us!