Children’s story

A Story of a Sprout – Yeung-yeung

Yeung-yeung was placed into a foster family when she was still a newborn as her mother was a drug abuser and her father was often absent. The Foster Care Worker, Miss Lee, was responsible for matching Yeung-yeung with a suitable foster home and trying hard to explain foster care service details to Yeung-yeung’s parents. Building up good working relationship with both birth and foster parents would greatly help family reunification in future.

The maternal love motivated Yeung-yeung’s mother to stop taking drugs. She had passed blood test and was allowed to take care of Yeung-yeung for overnight home stay instead of normal day leave. However, the unstable marital relationship badly disturbed the mother that she relapsed into drug use. Once the mother flaked out and failed to bring the little girl back to the foster home, out of contact for hours, the foster mother called police for Yeung-yeung’s sake.

To ensure healthy development for Yeung-yeung, not only did Miss Lee closely contact the foster mother to let her understand the difficulties Yeung-yeung’s mother faced, she also collaborated with the medical social worker and the social worker of the anti-drug abuse team to manage the case with respective expertise. Through home visit, Miss Lee shared Yeung-yeung’s updates with her birth mother, encouraging her to stay away from drugs, and helped explore the family’s potential resources, such as the maternal grandparents’ assistance in child care, recognition and financial support from the paternal family, and speech therapy referral for Yeung-yeung.

Despite all the challenges, given the birth parents’ aspirations and the resources around, Yeung-yeung was reunified with her family after receiving three-year foster care. A few months later, Miss Lee ran into Yeung-yeung’s family in MTR and was heart-melted to see how the parents protected their kid with their bodies in the crowded compartment - a happy ending of the foster care journey!

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