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Children are pure as a piece of paper. However, with sophisticated family background, some children are living in despair and helplessness.
My feeling of leaving the Home – Tam Wing Man, 19 years old, Cheung Hang

10 years! I have been living in Cheung Hang Small Group Home for 10 years! I spent one of the most important stage of my life...

10 years! I have been living in Cheung Hang Small Group Home for 10 years! I spent one of the most important stage of my life here --- my childhood. In the beginning, I was young and inexperienced girl. I did not have good academic result. I did not know how to take care of myself. However I changed gradually…

The first festival I spent in the Home was Christmas. My houseparent gave me the first present in my life and warmed my heart. The first time I felt being recognized impressed me a lot. When I was in Primary 4, my academic result was unbelievably bad. However, my houseparent did not give up on me. Whenever I studied, they taught me and stayed with me. At the end of the school term, I was awarded the “Improvement Award” magically. I can do it! I can never say how excited I was.

After several years, my houseparent, Aunt Wai, left her job. I was very upset. I had to transfer to another small group home. I was resistant to such change. I allied with two girls to act against the new housemother, Aunt Yu, hoping she would leave. Whatever Aunt Yu said, I retorted and reversed. This situation continued for a while, until once I quarreled seriously with the housefather. Though I knew that it was my fault, I did not apologize. But Aunt Yu and uncle did not give me up. On the contrary, they let me know there was always another side. They broadened my horizons. They made me become more mature. I knew that they cared for me a lot.

In addition, when I faced my bad HKCEE results, I just want to quit. Aunt Yu and uncle encouraged me to repeat Form 5. Then, I started to work very hard to prepare for the HKCEE again. Whenever I met difficult Mathematics, I lost my temper easily and scolded uncle rudely. However, he still taught me patiently. After a year, I could promote to Form 6! I was really excited and I was happy that I could share the success with them.

I had heard a child scolded a housemother, saying “You're just an employee. You want to promote to a higher position, right? I am not your child. Do you really care about me?” To be honest, I did not believe the houseparent at first. I think that they had the responsibility to finish their duties only because it was their job. I never considered that they really cared about us. When I became more mature, I discovered that “houseparent” is not only a job, but also a job full of tears and sweat. I do not know whether this discovery is too late or not, as I have to leave the Home now. It is a pity that I cannot live with them any longer.

Although my experience is not worth mentioning, I just want to tell all of you to treasure what you have and the one who is around you. Although we do not have a happy family, we still own many things in the Home.

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