Corporate Partnership

The Home needs support from corporates in all sectors in developing service and organizing different activities. We welcome various ways of cooperation that can assist the Home’s operation and help the children. Here are some examples:

Organize fundraising event

Corporates can organize fundraising activity to encourage their staff, partners and customers to donate and support. For example:

  • Daniel’s Group places donation boxes in their shop to encourage customers to donate;
  • Forevermark donated a specific amount to the Home for each designated diamond jewelry sold during “Promise Campaign” period;
  • The Commercial Press old book charity sales revenue after deducting the expenses was donated to the Home.

Assist in promotion

Using the existing network and resources, corporates can promote the Home’s service. For example:

  • Insert the Home’s leaflet in newsletter and statement to customers;
  • Place the Home’s banner advertisements on corporates’ website;
  • Insert hyperlink of the Home’s website in emails;
  • Provide advertising channels;
  • Help distributing leaflets and posters.

Campaign Sponsorship

Corporates can sponsor the activity of the Home. For example:

  • Konew Financial Express sponsored children with outstanding performance to attend a green and cultural study trip in Taiwan;
  • Wai Yuen Tong subsidized children from low-income family with developmental need or learning difficulty to receive ability assessment test and timely workshop.
  • Dah Sing Bank sponsored children to build up confidence and develop leadership skills through a series of training courses.
  • Karrie International Holdings Limited sponsored outreaching and adventure programmes to cultivate the resilience of participants.
  • Johnson & Johnson sponsored children to join the guided tour in the Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks.
  • Ma On Shan Plaza provided free venue for the Home’s event.


Corporates can support the Home’s service by donation.


Corporates can assist the Home and broaden children’s horizon with their professional knowledge, for example:

  • Illustrator Chocolate Rain and Hosannart provided illustration design for the Home’s activity;
  • Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong offered internship opportunities to children;
  • Super Star Group taught children how to make cartoon dim sum.

Nomination for Caring Company

The Home nominates closely-related, long-term partners and companies provided sincere support to the Home as Caring Company every year. About the nomination criteria, please call 3756 4488 or email to .