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Light up the lives of the less fortunate children 
Children are pure as a piece of paper. However, with sophisticated family background, some children are living in despair and helplessness.

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Story of Tommy

"I still remember the feeling of being held by the house mother,” said the Home’s old boy Tommy, who was not yet six years old when his parents relinquished custody. He was referred to the Home where the unprecedented love inspired him to become a social worker.


The house mother often encouraged Tommy to pursue his goal, and treated him as if he was her own son by accompanying him to look for a public examination venue. With this strong backing, Tommy dared to repeat Form 5, matriculated to an associate degree, started a bachelor's degree in social work, and succeeded to become a social worker finally.  Tommy was even pleased to volunteer to various services after work, and tied the knot with his sweetheart last year.


Tommy was so much loved to love that he lighted up not only his own life but also the lives of those around him.

Manci Man
Story of Manci

Living at St. Christopher’s Home changes Manci’s childhood, and life.

Absent from parental care, Manci, her younger brother and seven half-siblings were raised by the grand-mother till she died. Manci was referred to another charity’s Small Group Home where was however loveless to her as members were cold and fought with each other occasionally. She was not only isolated in school due to her unusual background, but also badly treated by her step mother during home leave.

Fortunately, Manci was transferred to St. Christopher’s Home when she was allocated to a secondary school in other district. Embraced by the caring room-mates and supportive house-parents around, Manci felt loved and safe here, and kept in touch with them even till now. Such positive bonding helped build her sense of identity and self-esteem in pursuit of dreams.

A diploma holder of hotel management, Manci climbed up the ladder by completing part-time degree and master programs while working full-time, and developed her career in overseas property investment. Regardless, her creative vibe stayed unchanged. Manci took cake art courses in Europe twice and opened her own cake shop recently. “I am grateful for the loving childhood St. Christopher’s Home gave me. It heals the rest of my life,” Manci made cookies as part of the special edition Love Chocolate gift set item in celebration of the Home’s 85th anniversary last year.

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Story of Sze Man

Sze Man’s dad beat his daughter and sick wife, and kicked them out of home every time when drunk. Aged six, Sze Man was referred to the Home for care, but still received her dad’s threatening calls.

Understanding Sze Man’s inner fear, the house-parents treated her with extra care. Under the counseling of social worker and clinical psychologist as well as loving environment of the Home, Sze Man became emotionally stable and lived happily till reuniting with her mom at 18.

Sadly, her mom soon died in kidney failure that overwhelmed Sze Man by facing all the pressure alone. The Home, realizing her difficulties, found an anonymous donor to support Sze Man’s living and studies for three years!

Through her efforts, Sze Man progressed from an associate program to a bachelor’s degree, and is pursuing her master’s degree in Social Work in hopes of helping needy people in future.


“Despite all the life’s hurdles, I am thankful for the love of the Home and God. I believe when the worst is over what comes to me will be a future of hope."

Story of Fai

Fai lived with his father when his parents divorced. Unfortunately, Fai’s father became violent due to business failure. Once out of control, his father broke the mop while hitting Fai, who was hospitalized for nearly a month and was referred to the Home afterwards.
The abusive father, however, had not stopped disturbing Fai even in the Small Group Home. Every time when his father showed up, the house-parent bravely kept Fai safe from abuse like a good broody hen. Under the counseling and loving care of the social worker and house parents, Fai learned to open his heart and re-build trust with people eventually. Interaction with other children also cheered Fai up from the horrendous past.
“The Home gave us a good shelter… Although we all came with certain imperfections, what we experienced is so unique and memorable that nobody would have.” Trained with a sharp creative vision in University, Fai has become a director with his own production house, and helps develop promos for the Home this year. He is also tying the knot with his beloved to turn over a new leaf.

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Story of Siu-wah

Siu-wah was abused by her step-mother and referred to the Home when she was at Primary 4.
In the small group home, Siu-wah witnessed the helplessness of the elder residents who got disappointing public examination result. She was determined to work hard for the public examination. The Home gave full support and encouragement to her and specially designed incentive program for her. In addition, the Home arranged an internship program for her which inspired her to strive for being an accounting professional. Finally, she got flying result and admitted by a local university. After graduation, she took up positions in the fields of accounting and finance in various listed companies. Today, she has a warm family of three members and is a sponsor and volunteer of the Home too.

Story of Yeung-yeung

Yeung-yeung was placed into a foster family when she was still a newborn as her mother was a drug abuser and her father was often absent. The Foster Care Worker, Miss Lee, was responsible for matching Yeung-yeung with a suitable foster home and trying hard to explain foster care service details to Yeung-yeung’s parents. Building up good working relationship with both birth and foster parents would greatly help family reunification in future.


The maternal love motivated Yeung-yeung’s mother to stop taking drugs. She had passed blood test and was allowed to take care of Yeung-yeung for overnight home stay instead of normal day leave. However, the unstable marital relationship badly disturbed the mother that she relapsed into drug use. Once the mother flaked out and failed to bring the little girl back to the foster home, out of contact for hours, the foster mother called police for Yeung-yeung’s sake.


To ensure healthy development for Yeung-yeung, not only did Miss Lee closely contact the foster mother to let her understand the difficulties Yeung-yeung’s mother faced, she also collaborated with the medical social worker and the social worker of the anti-drug abuse team to manage the case with respective expertise. Through home visit, Miss Lee shared Yeung-yeung’s updates with her birth mother, encouraging her to stay away from drugs, and helped explore the family’s potential resources, such as the maternal grandparents’ assistance in child care, recognition and financial support from the paternal family, and speech therapy referral for Yeung-yeung.


Despite all the challenges, given the birth parents’ aspirations and the resources around, Yeung-yeung was reunified with her family after receiving three-year foster care. A few months later, Miss Lee ran into Yeung-yeung’s family in MTR and was heart-melted to see how the parents protected their kid with their bodies in the crowded compartment - a happy ending of the foster care journey!

Story of Ka Ling

Lacking of adequate care, Ka Ling was admitted to the Home when she was seven.
Ka Ling was emotional and felt that everyone owed her all kind of things. She quarreled with other children daily, she did not follow rules in school, she gave huge temper and she took revenge towards her enemies.
The Home provided a caring environment for Ka Ling. The home mother accepted her bad behaviors, and tolerated her mistakes. She enjoyed singing and the Home gave her chances to sing and learn.
She left the Home when she was 13. She dreamed to be a singer. And now, she sings in the wedding banquets and community events. “It is really difficult to be a singer! However, if I persist and strive the very best to sing, I am sure I can shine on stage one day,” exclaimed Ka Ling.

Story of Wing-ching

Wing-ching left St. Christopher’s Home at 18. She is studying Social Work in university now.


When Wing-ching was small, she was abused by her parents. They scolded and beat her for long. They tore her hairs and even tried to suffocate her with a pillow. They falsely claimed Wing-ching was a psychopath and sent her to the children’s psychopathic ward. When Wing-ching was 12, her mother abandoned her and she was transferred to the Small Group Home.


With continuous care and guidance from the Home’s house-parents and social workers, Wing-ching re-built her hope and confidence in life. She was also enlightened on studying in university. “The Home was well-equipped.  It offered me a tranquil, safe and relaxing environment to concentrate on my study.” 


The Home’s house-parents and social worker gave her big encouragement and let her study after the normal sleeping time. Blessed with the love and care, Wing-ching decided to study Social Work and went ahead for her dream of becoming a professional Social Worker to help needy people in future.