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Sponsorship Scheme
About the Scheme

The Scheme is for all children of the Home. No individual child will be matched. The minimum sponsorship fee is $80 per month or $960 per year, at least one year commitment. Sponsors will be invited to join the Sponsor’s Functions. The Scheme's name, "Lok-lok" & "Yiu-yiu", meaning "happiness" in Chinese, is created by the Home's children to represent that all the children live happily under the care and support of the Home. 


The fund raised will be designated for providing accommodation, care, daily necessities, educational support, counseling and development opportunities for children in adversity (i.e. who cannot receive adequate family care, with special needs and from low-income family) as well as supporting the Home's service operation and development, with a mission to develop their potentials and facilitate them to live a life of fullness. 


Sharing by the old boy Tommy

"I still remember the feeling of being held by the house mother,” said the Home’s old boy Tommy, who was not yet six years old when his parents relinquished custody. He was referred to the Home where the unprecedented love inspired him to become a social worker.


The housemother often encouraged Tommy to pursue his goal, and treated him as if he was her own son by accompanying him to look for a public examination venue. With this strong backing, Tommy dared to repeat Form 5, matriculated to an associate degree, started a bachelor's degree in social work, and succeeded to become a social worker finally.  Tommy was even pleased to volunteer to various services after work, and tied the knot with his sweetheart last year.


Tommy was so much loved to love that he lighted up not only his own life but also the lives of those around him.

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