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Sponsorship Scheme
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2021-08-21    :   Sharing by the Old Boys and Girl

In view of the stable epidemic situation, donor gathering was held on August 21 after pending for two years, and an attendance of about 80 sponsors and Love Junior families was recorded.  Service video broadcast, fun quiz game, as well as sharing by the Home’s children, old boys and girl were arranged to let the participants know more about our development, children living in Small Group Homes as well as their growth.


In the sharing session, Keith Chan, the Home’s old boy, thanked for the houseparents’ teaching so much that he initiated an afternoon tea charity campaign in his restaurant last year, encouraging customers to donate to the Home.  Old girl, Manci Man was also grateful for the happy childhood in the Home. Manci made cookies as gift set item in celebration of the Home’s 85th Anniversary last year, and helped promote the Sponsorship Scheme as a donor. Recently graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Sam Yuen said the Mary Tam Fund, which he applied as the Home’s old boy, provided him with the resource to take private contemporary dance class so he could keep up to the standard despite the pandemic.


The Home’s children were invited to be the master of ceremony, perform rope skipping and make handicrafts as souvenirs for the event, showcasing their talents and bringing joy to the participants.  Loads of lovely blessing cards written and drawn by the participants were received and delivered to the Home’s children to share joy and hope with one another.