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Sponsorship Scheme
Sponsor's Sharings
Ms. Margaret Yip (Clerical worker)

After supporting needy children abroad for over 10 years, I realized that the underprivileged in Hong Kong is no less important, especially children. So I signed up as the Home’s sponsor when I know my small yet regular donation can benefit each of the Home’s children. Last year I even made a 3D Christmas card to give them festive surprise!

Grace (alias)

Though unemployed at middle age, I still try to contribute to the Home as I believe no good deeds should be underestimated no matter how minor they are and we could join hands to make a difference!

Mr. Lam Chor Ngok (Educator)

My son grew up with “Lok-lok” and “Yiu-yiu” in the past 17 years. He became taller and the dolls smaller, yet our support is timeless. May the Home be Christ’s witness by devoting love and care to the needy children as always.

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Ms. Connie Lau (Administrator)

I love children and realize their need for parental care is just like my daughter’s. Through regular donation, I wish to let the Home's children know they are not alone as love is around them.

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Mr. Wong Wai Ping (Architecture and Surveying Industry)

I joined the Scheme with my elder daughter in the BB Expo, and make further donation in the name of my wife and younger daughter this year as I believe the more supporters there are the greater the difference we can make together.

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Mr. Leslie Mak (Teacher)

Most of the youngsters I know at work are much loved by their families with lots of learning resources. I support the Home as they offer a caring environment for children in need for decades. I also wish to exemplify that "it is more blessed to give than to receive" by my action.

Dr. Csaryne Wan (Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner)

A happy childhood is essential to foster young people as future pillars of the society. To express my appreciation for the Home’s service for the needy children, over the years I not only make personal and corporate donation, but also contribute funds received from activities like health talk to the Home.

Ms. Danlia Liu (Jewelry Industry)

I volunteered to the Home when I was young and found their work very meaningful. Once grown up with my own career, I am more than happy to support the Home again by joining the Scheme together with my husband.