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Clinical Psychological Service

Service Objectives

Clinical Psychological Service aims to render professional psychological assessment, case consultation, training and mental support service to service users of St. Christopher’s Home, children and their parents in the community.


Service Target

  • Children who are receiving service at St. Christopher’s Home and staff of St. Christopher’s Home (Internal Service)
  • Children aged 4 to 16 (Pre-school to secondary period) and their parents /schools / other organizations in the community (External Service)


Service Content

  • Individualized/group psychological assessment, intervention and counseling
    • Provide psychological assessment, intervention and counselling to service users of St. Christopher’s Home, and children and adolescents with special education needs or emotional/behavior problems, and make referrals.
  • Training talks and workshops
    • Provide talks and training workshops to raise work-related skills and facilitate awareness on mental health, including (but not limited to) the topics below:
    • Understanding children with special educational needs
    • Strategies to enhance children’s learning motivation and attention span
    • Strategies to promote children’s social development
    • Emotion regulation strategies for children with special educational needs
    • Postive psychology
    • Parenting skills 
  • Professional Staff Support Services for Small Group Home
  • Consultation service



Registered Clinical Psychologist

(Member of Register of Clinical Psychologists accredited by Department of Health)


How to obtain service

Please complete and submit the application form to St. Christopher’s Home.

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