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Our Services
"To Kids with Love" - Social Work Service for Pre-primary Institutions

Service Objectives

  • To identify the needs of children and their families, and provide professional support and counseling
  • To provide parental education to enable parents to acquire child care and nurturing skills
  • To provide diversified personal trainings for children so as to develop their positive personality and emotion
  • To provide professional training and counselling service to teachers and staff so as to enhance a cooperative atmosphere among school and parents


Service Target

Kindergarten students, their parents and teachers.


Service Content

  • Assess risk level and crisis potential of families
  • Provide professional consultation, interview and counseling service
  • Provide theme-based groups facilitation and activities for children and parents
  • Provide case referral service, counseling and training to the children with SEN
  • Provide crisis management and training to schools, and provide assistance when crisis occurs
  • Provide consultation, sharing and training


Admission and Withdrawal

  • Service users may make application through the Kindergarten which the social work service is provided by our home.
  • If it is determined that our service is unable to accommodate a child’s needs or family circumstances, we will provide the parents with advice or referral to appropriate services.